A few weeks ago, my mom and I headed north to Boyne Falls for a snowy afternoon of adrenaline-pumping adventure. We visited Boyne Mountain Resort, which is well-known in the Midwest for its award-winning slopes, spa, golfing and indoor waterpark.

During the winter months, the resort also offers snowshoeing, fat-tire snow biking, cross-country skiing and tubing. On our visit, we decided to take things to the next level. Literally.

I’ve gone zip lining once before, but not during the winter. And let me tell you; it’s a completely different experience. Flying through the snow-covered forest in Northern Michigan — well, there’s really nothing quite like it. Sure, it’s a bit chilly (make sure you wear extra thick socks). But the views are totally worth it.

Boyne Mountain’s Zipline Adventure takes you on nine different zip lines up to 50 feet in the air and 780 feet in length, reaching speeds of 20–25 mph.

Once we arrived at the resort and got checked in at the Adventure Center, we met our guides, listened to safety instructions, and got suited up with our gear. Our journey began on the chairlift, and that’s when the panic began to set in. Did I mention that I’m afraid of heights?

I looked down at the skiers and snowboarders below us and instantly felt knots forming in my stomach. I thought, if I can’t even manage the chairlift, how am I going to handle zip lining for the next three hours? I took a deep breath and just looked forward. At least the snow would break my fall, I thought.

Our zip line tour began at the top of the mountain and we gradually made our way down with each line. At no surprise, I was pretty nervous on the first one, but our guides talked us through each line and made us feel completely safe. They offered suggestions on ways to hold the line and even challenged us to try out some tricks (yeah, right).

Credit: Courtesy of Boyne Mountain Resort

After the first few zips, I felt less nervous and got the hang of it (and also finally stopped myself from landing backwards). It was an absolute blast racing through the woods and taking in the natural beauty; I even almost conquered my fear of heights.

I felt such a rush on our last — and longest — zip line. The final line takes you from the bottom of the slopes and back to Adventure Center, giving you a breathtaking, panoramic view of Boyne Mountain Resort.

The year-round Zipline Adventure is an all-thrills, no-skills activity that’s perfect for adventure seekers of all ages. I challenge everyone to give it a try at least once in the winter; just don’t forget the extra thick socks.