• The Pike is Michigan’s only magazine with content centric to the coastal region of Lake Michigan, from the Indiana/Michigan border to Mackinaw City.

    Our readers represent generations of people who treasure the natural wonders of Michigan’s seasons, beaches, waterfronts, rivers, dunes and forests. Their lifestyle is both adventurous and leisurely, and they demonstrate sensibilities about the region’s quality of life.

    Advertisers play a central role in The Pike, because businesses have enhanced the Michigan coastal experience from the outset. Whether it was an early-20th-century resort, a nostalgic lakeside cottage, a guided trip into the Michigan back country or a boutique retailer, many pursuits have helped authenticate the shoreline experience. Modern endeavors only add to the region’s appeal.

    If you haven’t already buckled in, we invite you to journey along Lake Michigan’s coast with us. This is your opportunity to inspire affluent households with an affinity for the fresh coast — the best coast.

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