The Pike magazine

Grand Haven, Michigan, sunset

Welcome to The Pike, Michigan’s only coastal regional magazine.

The Pike derives its name from the iconic thoroughfare called the West Michigan Pike — named a Pure Michigan Byway in 2017. Its express purpose was to deliver tourists from places south, namely Chicago, to cities along Michigan’s west coast. Today, we recognize the route as U.S. 31.

A century ago, the bountiful resources of Michigan’s western and northern lakeshore region — dunes, beaches, lakes, rivers and forests — were introduced to all of America via the development of the automobile and the West Michigan Pike — the state’s first improved road. Every coastal community from Grand Beach to Mackinaw City has prospered from the millions of people who have visited since the early 1900s. Many thousands put down roots to shape and define the cities, destinations and experiences that are shared in The Pike.

Each issue of The Pike is intended to be an escape, a means of transporting readers to places yet experienced or to places worth returning. On these pages, readers discover the people and places found along the roads and within the coastal communities along the Lake Michigan shore.

The target reader of The Pike is an active, adventurous adult of no particular age or gender. The reader, whether a Michigan resident or a visitor, is likely to be leisure-minded with sensibilities about quality of life and the environment. As a magazine, The Pike appeals to the reader who prefers publications that are smart, experiential and lasting.